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Straight talk on politics, policies and rules

Shooting Straight is aimed at informing NWTF members of legislation, policies, rules and other issues that affect hunting traditions and their rights as gun owners and sportsmen and women.

Each magazine will highlight several key issues that need your immediate attention by contacting local, state or federal legislators. And we’ll let you know of challenges to our way of life that have been averted by your political actions.

We will be keeping a close watch on lawmakers across the United States, Canada and Mexico, but we need your help in becoming aware of local issues. Send us your action requests.


[Hunting Heritage]

Families Afield Attacked In New York

Sportsmen in New York saw a victory for hunting recruitment in July 2008 when Gov. David A. Paterson approved the New York Junior Hunter Bill and reduced the age of mentored big game hunting from 16 to 14. Senate Bill 3598, introduced by Sen. Liz Krueger (D-NYC), would reverse that progress and make 20 years old the minimum age to hunt without supervision.

Call your NY state representative today and tell them to vote “NO” on SB3598! Assembly (518) 455-3751; Senate (518) 455-2800

TAKE ACTION: Read S3598 and contact your representatives

Nevada Approves Apprentice Hunting Licenses

AB246 creates an apprentice hunting license for first-time hunters 12 years and older who have never had a hunting license. It also waives the hunter education requirement; however, the apprentice hunter must be directly supervised by a licensed mentor 18 years or older. Children younger than 12 may still hunt small game without a license, as long as they are accompanied by a parent, guardian or authorized adult.

TAKE ACTION: Read the new AB246 law (PDF)

Apprentice Hunting Bill Passes In Wisconsin

Senate Bill 167, awaiting Gov. Jim Doyle’s signature at press time, will take affect immediately upon signing. Sponsored by Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover), the bill permits 10-year-olds to hunt with a parent or guardian who has a valid hunting license, and also waives hunter education for first-time hunters.

TAKE ACTION: Check out Senate Bill 167 (PDF)


[Gun Rights]

Personal Protection OK’d in National Parks

President Obama recently signed into law a bill removing the restrictions that banned all operable firearms on these federal lands. The new law brings the National Parks and Wildlife Refuge system in line with state laws and other federal lands. Starting February 22, if state law allows for the lawful carry of concealed or other firearms, those laws would apply to the parks and refuges in those states.

TAKE ACTION: Read the new National Parks law that will take affect on February 22, 2010.