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Works-When-Wet Box Calls

Do you sing in the shower? Next time, practice your box calling instead.

When wet weather is in your future, and going back to bed isn’t an option, double check to make sure there’s a works-when-wet turkey call tucked in your vest. Then smile, you’re blessed with yet another day in the turkey woods.

On rainy days, diaphragm calls are an ulti-mate wet-weather choice. But the marketplace offers several great box call options.

Rainy Day Boxes

Generally speaking, works-when-wet box calls have their lids and sidewalls treated with a weather-resistant coating. A great side benefit of waterproofing is that lids don’t ever need to be chalked. However, you might occasionally “rough up” the waterproof coating on the call lid with a kitchen scouring pad, such as Scotch-Brite, (but never sandpaper) to tune it for better sound. Light scratches in this treated area allows for deeper vibrations from the call.

Waterproof Turkey Calls

10 good options to check out

[1] Woods Wise Mini Wet Hen
A pocket-sized, high-pitched box that’s two-sided and bored out of one piece of walnut. It’s specialized Mystic coating on the sidewalls and lid creates a naturally gritty, waterproof surface.

[2] Penn’s Woods Cut-N-Cluck
A compact box specifically designed to produce clucks and cutting of a hen. The call features a one-piece, one-sided, bored-out sound chamber box with both waterproof-coated sidewalls and hardwood lid. It also features a pop-up cutting mechanism.

[3] Quaker Boy H2O Easy Yelper
A all-wood, push-pin box that features a waterproof, coated plunger and contact point.

[4] H.S. Strut Cutter Deuce
A single-sided box call that has a waterproof-coated cedar lid, a single cedar sidewall and an acrylic sound chamber box. It also features a preinstalled rubber-band cutting system.

[5] M. A. D. Heavy Metal Box
A two-sided call is constructed with thin, black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum sidewalls and a waterproof-coated American Walnut lid.

[6] Bugling Bull Strutter Box
A two-sided sawn-and-glued wood box call that has a waterproof lid, coated inside and out, and treated sidewalls. The call also features a pop-up mechanism for easy cutting.

[7] H.S. Strut Field Champion
A two-sided box call that features a waterproof-coated cedar lid, treated sidewalls and an acrylic sound chamber box. It also features a built-in silencing device to restrict accidental sounds.

[8] Penn’s Woods Waterproof Wizard
A two-sided, sawn-and-glued wood box call that has a waterproof-coated lid and treated sidewalls.

[9] Primos Wet Box
A two-sided call bored out of a single
piece of hardwood, coupled with a
waterproof lid and treated sidewalls.

[10] Quaker Boy Typhoon
A two-sided box that is bored out of one piece of poplar and a curved Mahogany lid to achieve an over-sized “sweet spot” on the friction surface, along with a waterproof-coated lid and treated sidewalls.

Waterproof box calls produce good sounds, wet or dry, that are effective at coaxing gobblers in close. And their low maintenance provides convenience in the field that’s hard to beat. — J.J. Reich