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How to build a PVC canoe/kayak cart

PVC Kayak Cart Diagram



Illustrations by Ryan Kirby



  1. Cut the following sections out of the 1-inch PVC pipe:
    (2) 18-inch
    (2) 12-inch cross braces
    (16) 3-inch
  2. Drill out axle rod hole in back end of two T-connectors.
  3. Drill a 3/16-inch hole through each end of the axle rod for the cotter pins.
  4. Dry-fit the cart according to diagram. Build sides first, insert axle and finish with cross braces.
  5. Glue together pieces using the same process as dry fit, one side at a time, square up the axle and finish gluing permanently with cross braces.
  6. Attach wheels, placing a washer on the inside and outside of each wheel and securing with cotter pins.
  7. Allow glue to cure fully before loading canoe/kayak.
  8. Add bungee cords or use ratchet straps to secure canoe/kayak during transport.

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