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Turkey Feather Wreath

Make a turkey feather wreath and angel ornament

Forget the headache the holidays can create, the long lines, the money you'll spend, and the glares when you buy the last item on the shelf.

These simple craft ideas will boost your spirits, even banish the blahs. Call a friend, recruit a son or daughter and have fun making these gifts of nature together. — Chasiti Kirkland and Sharon Boney

Turkey Feather Wreath

You'll need:

Here's how:

  1. Sit the wreath on a hard surface, place the first row of feathers about two-thirds of the way down the wreath form. Keep the feathers about 4 inches apart.
  2. Place the second row about a half-inch up from the first row, and offset the second row a half-inch. Place the feathers closer together in rows.
  3. Make about four rows of feathers. On the top row, consider using the feathers of a jake because they are shorter and will give the wreath a fuller, layered look.
  4. Attach a ribbon to the base of the wreath, and it's ready to hang.

Quick tips for the perfect wreath



Angel Ornament

You'll need:

Here's how:

  1. Form three of the feathers in the shape of an upside down V. Secure with hot glue. The feathers are the angel's body. It is not necessary to remove the down.
  2. Insert the V in the hole of the wooden bead and glue the bead to the back of the feathers. Fill the hole of the bead with glue.
  3. Remove the down from two of the remaining feathers. Cut them short and glue one on each side of the bead. These are the angel's wings.
  4. Glue three feathers around the angel's head to form the halo. Again, strip the down from the feathers and cut them short.
  5. Cut strands of yarn into 12-inch strips and glue them to the head. Braid the yarn for a creative flare.
  6. Create the angel's face with markers or paint.
  7. Glue ribbon to the back of the angel and hang it from your Christmas tree.

Tips for a heavenly angel

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