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Canada Fall Turkeys

Ontario Turkey CourseOntario Wild Turkey Hunter Education Course now on DVD

"It's great for any nonresident who wishes to hunt turkeys in Ontario," said Dave Pind, hunter education program manager for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. "This is a Ministry of Natural Resources product with OFAH input."

Once a person orders and views the DVD, they can arrange to take the exam in person upon arrival in Ontario or take the exam verbally over the computer via Skype.After passing the exam the instructor will provide the student with an immediate certificate permitting the purchase of a wild turkey hunting permit.

The cost is $35 and is available by calling (705) 748-6324, ext. 240, or access it online at or
The course is available in English and French. Residents and nonresidents must take this course and pass the exam before hunting turkeys in Ontario.

All hunters must have the hunting version of the Ontario Outdoors Card prior to purchasing a hunting license or tag. In order to hunt wild turkey you must have a valid wild turkey license, an Outdoors Card and a small game tag.

For more information call the MNR at (800) 387-7011. — Barney Moorhouse

Fall turkeys across the border

Last year, Canada reported a turkey population of 70,000, with 361 birds taken in the four Canadian provinces that offer a fall turkey season.

Here is the information you need to try for a fall bird
in the Great White North.


(800) 667-1940

SEASON DATES: Oct. 11-23
HOURS: half-hour before sunrise to half-hour after sunset
BAG LIMIT: one turkey of either sex

Successful turkey hunters must report their harvest by calling (800) 288-1155 no later than noon after the day the bird was harvested.

(800) 214-6497

SEASON DATES: (residents only) Oct. 1-16
HOURS: half-hour before sunrise to half-hour after sunset
BAG LIMIT: one bearded turkey

Fall turkey hunting in Manitoba is open to residents only. Visit the website for more information.

(877) 944-0313

SEASON DATES: (residents only) not available

(250) 387-9771

SEASON DATES: not available
BAG LIMIT: one bird per season

For the latest information about fall turkey hunting in British Columbia, email British Columbia Fish and Wildlife at