Call makers nationwide fuel “Grand National Glory”

by JJ Reich

Grand National Glory logo

The upcoming documentary “Grand National Glory” follows three turkey callmakers from the Midwest on their quest for victory and decorative call-making glory.

The documentary celebrates the competitive art of creating turkey calls. Filmed on location at the homes and workshops of the callmakers, the cameras were granted full access to their work, values, beliefs and daily routines as they prepared themselves, and their turkey calls, for the NWTF 2013 Grand National Decorative Turkey Call Making Contest. The film culminates with the final contest results revealed in Nashville, Tenn., at the annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show.

Award-winning calls donated

Because the documentary celebrates American folk art, call-making competitions and the culture of turkey calls, many callmakers across the country are donating their own turkey calls in support of the film. The calls are signed and annotated specifically for “Grand National Glory.”

“The best and most talented custom callmakers in the world have donated amazing turkey calls to raise money and help produce this film,” said crewmember Jon Steinhorst. “Turkey hunters and call collectors can also help by buying the donated calls."

The next series of auctions is scheduled to start Dec. 1 and end on Dec. 8. All money raised will go toward filming, editing, producing and distributing the documentary.

Turtle design decorative calls
Photo courtesy of Steve Stortz

Steve Stortz donated this call featuring painted turtles to Grand National Glory.

Thanks for the support

Visit often to see the complete list of donors and monthly updates.
Additional call auctions will be held on eBay throughout the spring and summer of 2014, while the film is being made.

Custom callmakers who want to donate turkey calls can contact JJ Reich (; 651-226-3587) for details.

Every callmaker who donates will receive special recognition on the “Grand National Glory” website and also will be listed in the film’s rolling credits.

To learn more about the documentary and the upcoming call auctions on eBay, visit, search “GNG Film” on eBay, or follow it on Facebook at