Bob Allen Superior Shotgun Shell Pouch

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Shell Pouch

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Gear Up

Boyt Harness / Bob Allen vest

Boyt Harness/Bob Allen

Shoot in style with Bob Allen shooting accessories including everything from vests and shell pouches to range bags and gun cases. All items come in a variety of styles, but each starts with quality materials and workmanship.

Shooter's Gear Up

1 | Bad Boy Buggies

The Bad Boy Buggies Sport Series adds whisper-quiet electric drivetrains to your outdoor adventure. The RECOIL iS is powered by a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain that delivers up to 40 miles per charge, full-time four-wheel drive and a smooth four-wheel independent suspension.

Official Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Partner

MSRP $13,499

Bad Boy Camo Buggy

Franchi 48 AL2 | Franchi

The 2014 NWTF Shotgun of the Year Franchi 48 AL was introduced in 1948 and has established itself as the upland hunter’s dream gun. Its featherweight aluminum receiver combines elegance and tradition with minimum weight. This semi-automatic 28-gauge in satin walnut with a 26-inch barrel features custom engraving. A limited edition of 1,000 and is available only at NWTF Hunting Heritage Banquets.

Promatic Merlin with cart3 | Promatic

The Promatic Merlin is the perfect solution for solo shooters or full squads wanting more shooting time and less reloading. With the 150-target carousel, the Merlin can throw a full round for five shooters without reloading. It comes standard with a cart, battery tray, powder-coated steel mainframe, and stainless steel throwing plate and knife system. It can launch targets 70 yards or more and is operated by a battery-powered electrical system.

MSRP $1,395

Remington Premier STS Target AmmoRemington

Remington’s Premier STS Target Ammunition 28 Gauge 2¾-inch ¾-ounce No. 9 target loads deliver shot consistency that takes sub-gauge clay target shooting to the next level. Remington has earned more trophies and sold more shells than any other brand of ammunition at the Grand American, the largest shooting tournament in the world.





Box of White Flyer targets4 | White Flyer

White Flyer Bio biodegradable sporting targets meet the needs of 21st century shooters while sharing the superior flight and breakability characteristics of the standard White Flyer pitch target. Available in all orange, orange dome and all white, the targets function in hand set and automatic traps. All White Flyer Bio targets will biodegrade at least 95 percent within two years, depending on contact with moisture.